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Health & Nutrition

Do you want to take charge of your nutrition and have that extra pep in your step? 

After switching up my nutrition plan myself and seeing some amazing results, I knew that I had to help others feel great and more positive about their bodies, just as I learnt to.  


As a mother, I know how it can feel to not have time to focus on yourself or feel as though you need some inspiration to get back on track with your fitness or nutrition.


I am excited to be able to offer Health MOT's, free of charge for Zen Baby Tots customers and their referrals. We can discuss what you are looking to change up and work on, be it your mind, body, strength or weight and look at starting a nutrition plan that will get you those results. 

On the Scales

Health MOT

A friendly and informal wellness check to find out what your goals are and what support you would like. 

Find out your:

Body Fat | Muscle Mass | Hydration | Visceral Fat & more

20% Exercise

If it is group fitness you are looking for, then come along and join me at Hailsham Fitcamp, just £10 for 4 weeks. It's where I started this fitness journey and you will meet an amazing group of like minded people, all with their own fitness goals. 

Fit Women

80% Nutrition

Healthy Food

Spending hours doing crunches and not seeing results? Maybe you don't have time to work out and just need some direction on what you should be eating and how much. 

A wellness evaluation can give you all of that information, to make sure you know where you are heading and to help you stay on track. 


A nutrition plan can be whatever you want it to be in terms of carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, involve supplements or focus on whole foods. It is can be tailored to you. 


If you are interested in supplements, I can take you through what products would suit you from the Herbalife range, everything from a full healthy breakfast, to Lift-Off Energy drinks, Vitamins & Minerals, Protein powders, snacks, health juices and skin care. 

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