Baby Yoga? Why it is even "a thing" ?!

Baby Yoga seems a little "out there" to some people. Surely sitting in a room singing nursery room would suffice?

Yes, singalong baby groups are wonderful and so beneficial for many, many reasons, but Baby Yoga is such an incredible and special experience, which you really should give a try.

Yoga has been practised for centuries and actually means "unite" in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. In yoga we are uniting with the ground, the air, the universe... but in Baby Yoga, we are also uniting with our baby. Isn't that beautiful?

As an adult, we can lose our flexibility fairly fast. Sitting at a desk all day can really stiffen us up. Even exercising and building strong muscles can make us less flexible, which is why yoga is so fantastic. We can slowly teach our bodies to do what it used to do, such as it did when we a baby. Think Happy Baby Pose, or Toes to the Nose! Can you do that now?

In Baby Yoga, we stretch with baby and also work our own bodies. Tree Pose for baby, which was then turn into tree pose for mummy or daddy, whilst holding baby. There are many, many poses which are incredibly beneficial for the both of you at the same time. Exercise WITH baby whilst having an incredible bonding session. What could be better? (Calorie free chocolate I guess would be better, but that's not happening any time soon!)

Mainly for me, it creates and forms a love of exercise at a young age. With our population getting larger and widely more unfit, we can change the tide for the younger generations and if we encourage movement, such as yoga, from birth, what a wonderful fit and healthy lifestyle you and your family can live xxx

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