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Bond and relax with the power of gentle touch. Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Toddler Yoga and Music & Movement 

Fridays, 10am at Electra Star Dance, Horam
5 week course beginning Friday 6th January or 07539 501402 



Welcome to Zen Baby Tots 

I am Frances and I absolutely LOVE what I do. 

Every single session I lead, I find myself falling in love more and more with the magic of baby massage and yoga.

Music & Movement?! Well I just LOVE singing silly songs and seeing the response of the kiddies :) It blows my mind how quickly they learn. 

Whether it be a class in person, or online.

The progress I see between starting and finishing the course is just beautiful and truly astounding. 







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Baby Massage

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I truly believe in and have seen the incredible positives that come from massaging your baby from a young age. The benefits last a lifetime and not just for baby, but for you too.


For Babies

  • Improves quality of relaxation and sleep 

  • Alleviates trapped wind, colic and constipation

  • Develops a feeling of being loved, respected and secure

  • Strengthens and tones muscles

  • Improves verbal and non-verbal communication 

  • Stimulates circulation and digestion 

  • Develops mind-body awareness 

  • Unblocks baby's blocked nose

For Parents

  • Excellent way of connecting with your baby

  • Can alleviate the effects of postnatal depression and anxiety

  • Creates valuable one-to-one time with your baby

  • Helps parents understand their baby's cues

  • Improves relaxation 

  • Reduces stress levels 

  • Promotes lactation in breastfeeding mums (through stimulation of hormones)

  • Helps parents to have a more positive interaction with their baby. 


Baby Yoga with
Music & Movement


Yoga means Unite, to attach or join together. To unite body and spirit, or in our case, to unite parents and baby. 

Yoga is an ancient art which has been practised for centuries, worldwide. 

What better way to unite than at the beginning of life, with a baby. Babies are naturally little yogis! In fact, many adult poses emulate exactly what a baby naturally does, so just imagine if we had never stopped doing some of these poses! We would all be so flexible and strong. 

Baby Yoga enhances baby's natural abilities and helps the adult to in turn, enhance their own. It can bring us back to our inner child. 

Yoga increases our physical strength, muscle tone and flexibility. Stretching and toning whilst working with breath work and mantras, focuses both our minds and bodies. 

My baby yoga sessions also teach mums to learn safe postnatal exercises to help improve their posture and develop their core strength as well as working on common postnatal issues such as pelvic floor issues and back pain. 

Like baby massage, certain yoga poses and movements can help baby with common problems such as wind, colic and constipation and help to aid sleep. 

During my sessions, we practise poses that can help calm an unsettled and fussy baby and my main aim is sending you home armed with the tools and the knowledge to empower you to help your baby at their time of distress. 

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Toddler Yoga

This class is so much fun!! I just love seeing little people practising yoga with their parent/carer. It just makes me happy! 

  I have now also added Music and Movement with some sensory play to this class, making it even more fun and interactive and also enabling crawlers to join in . 

♡  We all know toddlers, some days they just don't want to conform! In Toddler Yoga that is not a problem, we can work around that, so please never worry. As the course goes on, many children adapt and know what is expected of them and they might really surprise you!

Toddlers are natural little yoga people. Many of the adult poses emulate what a toddler naturally does.

♡  These fun and bubbly classes can enhance the toddler’s natural abilities, building and strengthening them. It also therefore brings the adult back to the inner child and back to the flexibility of the toddler.

Each session is based around a theme or a story, with lots of giggles, games and relaxation added in for good measure. 

  It builds their strength and flexibility, and increases their body awareness, balance and coordination.

"This course is designed with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) in mind and can help to support language, communication and literacy though story telling and song, physical movement through yoga-inspired moves, mathematics through shapes and counting, understanding the world through sensory play and expressive arts and design through the fun, inspiring sensory and movement based classes. " To Baby and Beyond

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Zen Baby Tots sessions...


I trained and created Zen Baby Tots after attending a massage session with my own baby.

I would practise the strokes every day and realised what joy it was and what incredible benefits it brought myself and my little bundle!
I met some fantastic people along the way and made some lifelong friends. 

I truly believe it's important to bring people together and support each other, whether it be in a group or private session. We need that time out to bond and relax with baby and develop the sense of loving touch. 

I chose the location of my classes carefully as it is paramount to the relaxing experience I want to give both you and your baby.  

We will work on the legs, arms, hands and feet as well as the chest, back, head and of course the belly! We also include sensory play and you will receive your own oil and handouts to take home, as well as a special sensory gift.

Baby Yoga is just the most fun class as I incorporate music & movement and sensory play. I theme my classes weekly and we go to space, under the sea, over the rainbow and much much more. I have parents who have been with me since the beginning and I am so attached to them all and seeing their babies grow is the BEST!

Toddler Yoga... well, what can I say! It's all about finding to calm in the crazy! We all know how fun loving toddlers are, so I try to channel their energy and enthusiasm into learning wonderful breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as practising some wonderful poses!! Who wouldn't enjoy pretending to be a roaring lion or a breezy tree!?

Please contact me with any questions or queries. 

Love & zen vibes, Frances xx

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Gift Vouchers

Give the Gift of Love

The perfect gift for a baby shower or new arrival.

Our gift vouchers can be purchased for a full group course, a private session, or for a monetary value that can be used against either choice. 
Click below to email me with what you would like. 
Available in denominations of £5.

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Zen Baby Tots @ Electra Star Dance Studio, Horam, TN21 0GE


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